FREE from dairy, gluten, soy and nuts

Only organic raw cane sugar is used as a sweetener.

This is added to complement flavour/texture and mindfulness is given to amount of sugar being added. 

We also have flavours with no added sugar.



Fruit based Popsicles



Creamy Popsicles



Alcoholic Popsicles*

* A license is not required for these to be sold or had at an event or party. 3 – 4 popsicles is the equivalent of one standard drink.



Custom flavours

We are happy to create custom flavours or cater to special dietary requirements.

Our ice pops contain no food additives whatsoever.

That includes no acids, acidity regulators, anti-caking agents, anti-foaming agents, antioxidants, bleaches, colours, artificial emulsifiers, firming agents, flavour enhancers, flavour solvents, foam artificial stabilisers, foaming agents, gelling agents, glazing agents, artificial gums, humectants, improving agents, packaging gas, preservatives, propellants, raising agents, resolving agents, sequestrants, stabilisers, sweeteners and thickening agents.

This is possible because we freeze very quickly and keep our Lush Ice Pops frozen.

The only colouring we use comes from the ingredients that are a necessary part of the recipe for our Lush Ice Pops. Natural is when we use fresh red strawberries or rasberries for pink lemonade.